"We create experiences that fuel relationships"

We exist to create opportunities where the Gospel of Jesus Christ is experienced.  



Yeah we know, seems obvious to list Jesus as a value, but the truth is that it’s too easy to forget Him. Sometimes as leaders we can get caught up in strategies to the point that we get so clever we miss the point - which is Jesus. 


The truth is that we are better together then we are
alone. All we care about is people coming to know Jesus, disciples making more disciples, and leaders being invested in.  We don’t care who gets credit, or whose church gets credit as long as God gets credit.   When churches choose God’s Kingdom over their own church, their own church will begin to grow. 


We love people. Relationships are the foundation for ministry. We believe it is this way because God is this way. Theologically we believe the Trinity reveals how relational our God is.  There is nothing that God uses to reveal Himself more than people.  


Experiences are the catalysts in people’s lives that bring about change. Trips in particular are incredibly impactful.  Any time we remove distractions, make space for God to speak to us and open ourselves up to Him working in our lives, good things happen. There is nothing God uses to kickstart change more than experiences. 


Fun gets a bad rap. It really does. Somehow fun is equated
with being shallow, but we disagree. Being playful - like a child - is close to the heart of God. We want to create ministry environments where leaders can laugh easily at life and at themselves. Fun is a critical element in ministry that often gets dismissed too quickly.