WILDSIDE 2020. a life-changing week.

WildSide is a week long camp for middle school students. The week is filled with off the chart fun and  amazing opportunities to connect with Jesus. 



An experience like WildSide has the greatest impact when students attend with leaders they are already being mentored by at home.  We have seen over and over again how God uses these existing relationships to help students make huge strides in their faith at WildSide.  And since the leaders stay engaged with students once they get home students continue to move forward spiritually. 


We believe in in the next generation of leaders. Therefore we  utilize high school  and college-aged students to facilitate most of our camp.   We provide opportunities to lead in a variety of ways by serving on a number of different teams all as part of our Workcrew.  The Workcrew is vital to WildSide. It really is the backbone of the camp.   We include all of our participating groups in this leadership opportunity. Each group is required to bring 1 workcrew for every 10 students they have.    The students you include in this will be trained and grow in their leadership ability after serving and leading at WildSide.